South Florida Gun School is offering this special deal on Defensive Shotgun for the month of June. 06/09 Take both classes for 350.00, save $300.00

I- Intro to Defensive Shotgun- Normally $250.00

a- Defensive shotgun-nomenclature
b -Operation-Loading, Firing and Unloading
c- Safety
e- Sights
f- How to pattern your shotgun
g- Stance
h- Ammunition types, uses and distances
i- Care and maintenance of your shotgun
j- Use of optics and accessories
j- Exam

II. Advanced Defensive Shotgun- Normally $400.00

a- Refresher of Operation
b- Range Safety
c- Principles of Self Defense
d- Shotgun Accessories and their applications
e- Use of a tactical sling in Defensive Shotgun
f- Combat Stance
g- Presentation from the low ready, high ready and Sul
h- Threat assessment and Target Acquisition
i- Combat gun handling techniques
j- Controlling the X
k- Shooting positions, standing, kneeling, prone
l- Use of Cover and Concealment
m- Move to target and movement on target (engagement while moving and engagement on moving target)
n- Multiple target acquisition
o- Malfunction Clearing Drills
p- Weapon retention in CQB distance
q- Speed shooting the Shotgun
r- Weapons Transition to EDC
s- Shotgun Use in the Home

Both Courses come with classroom materials and Certificates of Completion. You must pass the test at the end of Defensive Shotgun I to
take Defensive II.

Equipment needed:
Modern Tactical or Short Barrel Shotgun, Pump or semi-auto with sights
(Preferably iron sights, ghost rings or optic sights)
(Fun must have an IC or larger choke for slugs)
Standard EDC and Holster (no crossdraw, shoulder or Serpa style holsters allowed)
Sling allowing shotgun to be hung freely in transition drills
Sidesaddle shot shell carrier, belt mounted carrier or forearm carrier
Shot shell pouch
200 Rounds of birdshot
50 rounds of buckshot
50 rounds of slugs
100 rounds of EDC ammo
Pad and Paper
Rain gear
eye and ear protection
insect repellant
Knee and elbow pads (optional)
Owners manuals for all guns
Hat or visor
No low cut shirts and must have closed toe shoes.
call 1-561-715-7198

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