have jury duty coming up. do i have to leave my gun home
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Thread: have jury duty coming up. do i have to leave my gun home

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    have jury duty coming up. do i have to leave my gun home

    can i leave my gun in my vehicle whilst parked at the county courthouse?
    or will they let me bring it in and check it lock it up somewhere and give it back when i'm ready to leave the building?
    or do i just have to leave it at home?
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    I think in your car would be ok, I didn't have problems doing exactly that during my recent attendance in miami-dade county.

    and please look into "jury nullification" before being selected..it's important information the court will not provide for you.

    good luck eagle!

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    thanks pest control last time i was called i got out of it hopefully i'll get out of it again this time it's been probably 15 years since they called me since the last time as i requested they not call me years ago but records may have gotten lost at anyrate i'll look into it .....i'm off to a drum circle now so bbl thanks again
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    Do you have a safe in the car? Or at the least a lockable pistol case that you can lock and bury in the trunk? I think with the track record of the Miami Dade police, you'de be a lot safer if you found a way to lock it in the car.

    Drum Circle? You NA? Or just drawn?

    I'm watching your movie, Eagle Eye. Your first wouldn't happen to be Aria? Just curious.
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    One way to get out of it is to tell them you'd make a great juror... you spot a guilty person in a second!

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    no i don't have a gun safe for my vehicle but wished i did and looking into getting one someday.....so i may just leave my pp/personal protection at home that day ;( shame concealed carriers aren't accommodated in situations like that esp if doing jury duty.....where they can just check their gun whilst in court and get it on the way out..
    what movie? and what is aria? i'm native american because i was born in the usa lolz but it was a native american corn ritual i attended and i was one of 4 drummers on the big powwow drum it was fun drumming on the big drum love doing it ....i do love indigenous ways and peoples......i was in peru last week drumming and doing ceremonies with shamanic tribes along the amazon river that was intense and i soo didn't want to return to the states but i just wasn't ready to give up my life here just yet so i came back but i don't know if i would next time i go as living off the grid is do-able for me ....i lived in a village whilst down there and washed in the river and dipped water from a well for cooking......here is a pic of the house i stayed at most when not in ceremony elsewhere.......i'm in the red shirt and colorful pants, maestro tito left one the floor, shamaness ysabel on right floor, and gringo shamaness from australia who moved to the village 6 years ago is her house. see the firepit to the left they did ceremony almost every night in that maloka i participated in two ceremonies there and went into the deeper jungles to participate in other ayahuasca ceremonies .......intense journeying i'd love to get back and work more with the medicine amazing experiences
    have jury duty coming up. do i have to leave my gun home-shamansmakingmusicmajick.jpg
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    Give the sob a fair trial and hang him. :)
    Jim Page

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    no walt i don't have a gun safe in my truck and it doesn't have a trunk and i just don't feel comfortable leaving it in my truck unless i can see it from where i am ....but i have left it locked in my truck whilst going to the pool at my condo but my truck is parked right outside the pool gates there.....i looked into some vehicle vaults and they are really expensive for me right now and the cheaper ones just seem easy to just take the whole thing and wouldn't waste money on one so .....i might just have to leave it at home ......i haven't carried long but already feel naked without it and try to carry whenever possible so the post office and court is two places i've having to not carry which sucks ......
    another thing is the ranges ask shooters to come in with an unloaded gun which sucks as i have to unload it in the parking lot and put it in a case just to reload it when i get on the firing line which also doesn't make sense to me geesh
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    I've got jury duty coming up too in Sept, can NOT bring the gun in the courthouse, will just leave it glove compartment of the car.
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    that's the first place crooks look that and the console........i might hide it in the back seat under all the junk i have piled up there and put it back on after i leave the courthouse
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