Man Shoot Home Invader
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    Man Shoot Home Invader

    Although police have not finalized their investigation or released details yet it appears that Florida's castle doctrine law will protect this individual who shot an intruder attempting to break into his home.

    TV news is showing interviews with neighbors who are showing great support for the homeowner, many saying they have guns and too would have fired under the circumstances.

    Sounds like a good neighborhood to live in.

    Port St. Lucie man injured in home-invasion shooting

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    "My husband is a computer, nerdy guy," said Brenda Lewis...
    Sounds to me that the woman should give her husband more credit. When the time came to defend his family he did what was necessary. It's good to read that no one seems bent on blaming him for exercising defense rather than being a victim.
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    Glad to here he was ready and on top of the situation.
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    I hope if he lives he has learned.

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    Score yet another one for the good guys!

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