Be Aware...Threat's of Violence & Rioting Continue (Re; Zimmerman Case)
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Thread: Be Aware...Threat's of Violence & Rioting Continue (Re; Zimmerman Case)

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    Arrow Be Aware...Threat's of Violence & Rioting Continue (Re; Zimmerman Case)

    Twitter feeds/accounts continue to show 'numerous' threats of both racial violence & rioting.
    ~Be Aware~
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    I think it will be a guilty of something. The prosecution seems to change the rules as they go. Surprised they haven't brought up jay walking or something like that.

    If by some miracle he is aquitted, yes, Rodney King riots all over again.

  4. Let's see...ammo, check. Magazines loaded, check. Weapons cleaned and oiled, check. Just waiting now.

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    if you listen to entire recording of the judge's instructions and you think the jury has minimal levels of intelligence the only possible verdict will be not guilty.
    as others have noted extra caution in urban areas would be advised

  6. It isn't the riots I worry about. They will just burn and tear down their own neighborhood. The bigger problem is giving the Obozo opportunity to declare martial law. Thats why the media, DOJ and DHS are inciting people to riot. If a right winger even posts a picture of his kid with a firearm, the Gestapo closes in full force. So why not go after the posters of inflamatory posts? Nope, let it ride, make people think it is a widespread problem instead of just a few hotheads.

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    Jury just asked for a list of the admitted evidence.

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    I am sure that spittle flew out of Zimmerman's mouth when martin sucker punched him in the face. Some of that spit must of landed on martin and I believe that spitting on someone must be some sort of an assault in Florida. And and and martin being only 17...isn't that an assault on a child too. And Zimmerman must have gotten his blood on martin somewhere so isn't that an assault with a biological agent, a bio-hazard...isn't that an act of terrorism...geeez, napolitano quit today.

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    What if he is acquitted and no body cares. I have not followed it, I don't care about it, and it seems as if it is a media circus. They have the most to gain if a so called riot breaks out.
    What probably will break out is a bunch of people with Obama Phones will begin a shopping spree for new Nikes - flat screens and boooze all for free of course. aka looting.
    Tolerance of the intolerant leads to the destruction of tolerance. “You are also reminded that any inappropriate remarks or jokes concerning security may result in your arrest,” in the land of the free.

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    Post Trial Riots

    Doesn't this seem a little odd given that the New Black Panthers are now being trucked down to Florida?
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