Florida HB 89 passes committee
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Thread: Florida HB 89 passes committee

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    Florida HB 89 passes committee

    Text is at http://www.myfloridahouse.gov/Sectio...9&Session=2014

    Florida is stepping it up from just SYG to also make legal, defensive display of firearms or even warning shot, to prevent serious attacks or threats of serious attacks. Takes away the criminals calling the cops and saying MWAG and the person being arrested for defending ones self without actually shooting the criminal..
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    Outstanding!! That would be great to have that law in place.
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    I agree except for the warning shot. There's too much that can go wrong with that. The safest warning shot would be into the ground, but are they going to specify that? You shoot in the air, it's going to come down somewhere. You shoot over their head, who knows what you're going to hit?
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    I agree with Peggy. I'm also a "fan" of defensive display. Putting your hands down your pants and showing a firearm will make the criminals without a gun handy (I'd guess a goooood portion, if not majority of muggers) run & if they are armed, well, your hand is already on your piece and you've just struck fear or panic in them.

    A much better deterrent than just SYG is, which isn't really a deterrent.
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  6. Florida HB 89 passes committee

    Ending a threat by simply showing the attacker I'm armed would be best. To kill someone is not something I want to live with if at all possible. The law would need to be very clear on many details ...Threat or intent to cause great bodily harm and a possible proximity of said threat and so on. Good to see something in this direction though :-)

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    Interesting. So part two of the "Trayvon Rule" that 1 Million Educated, Black Men wanted to see enacted has, in fact, been approved. The legislature hasn't MANDATED that the defender make the attacker aware that they are armed, but has now said it is OK to do so. When I posted this graphic a few months ago, people were angrily denouncing that any such disclosure would actually ESCALATE a defensive situation. Interesting.
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