Homeowner Defends Shooting Attacker
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Thread: Homeowner Defends Shooting Attacker

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    Homeowner Defends Shooting Attacker

    PALM RIVER - Juanita Enzor said she had no choice but to shoot Mark Johnson when she said he forced his way into her home and bedroom.

    "The man kicked in my door, came into my house – I had to defend myself," Enzor said of the attack, which happened at about 5 a.m. Monday.

    The 62-year-old Memorial Middle School teacher told authorities she armed herself when she heard a noise and shot when the man accosted her in her bedroom.

    Enzor briefly recounted the event today standing in her front yard, chatting with and being comforted by a neighbor.

    She said she and her attacker "tussled" both before and after she fired her firearm, showing her bruised fingers to show the force of the scuffle.

    "He didn't know he had been shot," she said.

    Enzor, wearing a Memorial Middle School T-shirt, said she keeps to herself. She said she owns rental houses in the once working-class neighborhood and doesn't mingle much.

    "I lock my gate when I come in and again when I leave," she said of the 4-foot chain-link fence that surrounded the house at 1010 Kirkland Drive where she has lived since at least 1981.

    Enzor didn't go into more details about the shooting, referring all questions to the detectives who are investigating the incident.

    Authorities said Enzor fought off her attacker and ran to a next-door neighbor who called the sheriff's office. Arriving deputies found Johnson, 40, dead, shot once in the upper torso.

    Enzor bristled at statements Johnson's mother, Carleane Conry, made to the Florida Sentinel Bulletin that Enzor and her son knew each other and Johnson had been in the home on a number of occasions. Conry couldn't be reached for comment.

    "He has never been in my house. Never," Enzor said. "No one comes in my house."

    Debbie Carter, a sheriff's spokeswoman, said detectives were told Enzor "knew [Johnson] from the neighborhood."

    Enzor denied even that much of a relationship.

    "I may have seen him in the neighborhood, but I never knew him," she said.

    Enzor questioned why Conry would make such statements.

    "That lady doesn't know me," she said. "I have nothing to say to anyone."

    Carter said the investigation into the shooting is ongoing. No charges are pending against Enzor.

    Enzor and her neighbor said break-ins have been a problem in the area.

    Palm River Homeowner Defends Shooting Attacker

    One more that refused to be a victim! Good for her.
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    I'm glad she was armed and that she's okay and that the bg didn't get her pistol away from her! Whether they knew each other or not, no one has the right to force their way into someone else's home. No one!

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    ......and another one gone...another one gone......another one bites the dust....yeh SHE'S gonna get you too....another one bites the dust!
    (All the above are MY opinions/suggestions ONLY....AND, I like to bust ball's, it's called having a sense of humor. In other words, no intent to offend anyone, so get over it)

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    Another BG bites the dust.

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    Thatís another mark in the Good Guy's side of the page. Even if she knew him, he wasn't welcomed in her home. Sometimes victims of violent crimes knew their attacker. Doesn't make the guy innocent, his family can argue that all they want. Glad this lady knows how to shoot!
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    Good for her! Another citizen taking responsibility for their own safety. At least another Dirt bag is taking a dirt nap...
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    Glad she was armed.
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    Love it when the good guys win!!

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    Enzor bristled at statements Johnson's mother, Carleane Conry, made to the Florida Sentinel Bulletin that Enzor and her son knew each other and Johnson had been in the home on a number of occasions. Conry couldn't be reached for comment.
    Conry sounds like an enabler.
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