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Thread: Caution when using the talon range in tallahassee, florida:

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    I don't know the answer, but the buck wouldn't stop now.
    Contact the local Sheriff and see who they feel you should contact.
    The story made me a little sick as the last time I was at the range I could hear ricocheting rounds coming and going somewhere. I could not figure out the direction.
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    That sounds more like the shot came from behind you than from in front. Knocking the hearing protection forward with a bullet from the front would be difficult to do. Need a picture of the muffs. As an RSO, you could call a halt to the shooting till it was figured out what had happened. I hope you also will report this incident to the NRA. Sanctioned events normally mean they were inspected at some time.
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    Thank you for the heads up

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    It's negligence, pure and simple. The job of the RSO is to oversee the competition and ensure safety is in place at every turn. It is the job of the CRSO to ensure his course meets safety standards and doesn't endanger the public. I tell students to observe the other shooters before they decide to shoot. If you don't feel safe then leave. There' always another day.

  6. Interesting. I don't know how the competition areas were set up, but the range IS set up in a straight line, with a 15' tall berm behind it. Down the back side of that berm is a 100/200 yard rifle range with a whole lot of woods behind it. So, I'd be interested to find out what changes were made for the competition.
    Aside from that, both owners of Talon Range are veteran Law Enforcement Officers, and have never behaved in anything other than a professional manner during my several experiences there.
    In fact, as far as I've seen, everything about Talon has been nothing but respectful, safe, and professional. So, I hope you'll understand WHY I have a difficult time believing that your ear protection was shot off your head by a ricochet while there... Much less that you did not report the incident to a single on-duty officer anywhere. What kind of Certified Instructor/Safety Officer can just let a thing like that "slide"???

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    If you don't find out what happened, it's going to happen again. The next person

    may not be so lucky as to only lose an ear protector.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by therewolf View Post
    If you don't find out what happened, it's going to happen again. The next person

    may not be so lucky as to only lose an ear protector.
    Not to crap on this thread but how often do you guys shoot USPSA or steel challenge?

    Ricochets happen all the time and after shooting at over a dozen different ranges all over the state i've seen it happen at all of them.

    I'd like to see a requirement of non FMJ projectiles in competition to reduce ricochets but there's not much you can do(other than keep steel a minimum distance but its still going to happen). It is odd that it knocked your protection forward though. The worst ricochet i've seen pretty much mirrors what happened to you. Broken skin and a welt. I've been hit 5-6 times by them and only had one break the skin.

    Eyes and ears serve a purpose.

    Talon is a top notch facility FWIW.

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    at age 70, 25 years on military ranges, Nat Guard Rifle team, currently shooting NMLRA, SASS, and GSSF, have never, ever, seen a range or shooting event of any kind, ever, that the command "CEASE FIRE" CEASE FIRE" was not the appropriate response to a situation as described, if it happened. Normally, shooting steel relatively close, one will eventually get splattered (shooting safety glasses). Any range officer, shooting coach, participant, or spectator has the right and obligation to halt an unsafe act! CEASE FIRE, not that really hard to shout.

  10. Having never been to talon range but planning on becoming a member you do not sound like any RSO or FIREARM instructor I have ever met. Your memory is foggy, you stated one of the owners gave you his ear protectors after witnessing yours being shot off. 1) he would have called a ceasefire and provided medical attention. 2) as an RSO/ INSTRUCTOR YOU should have called a ceasefire. In the whole time they have been open for business this is the first bad publicity I have heard about them. They are very strict on safety. Your rambling does not help your cause at all

  11. I have been a member at this range for a number of years. They are all about Safety and Security. Had you discussed any of this with the owners I am sure that it would have been taken care of immediately. I find it a little suspect like many here that you're hearing protection got knocked forward off your head seems like the shot came from behind not from in front. Standing rule at Talon if you see something unsafe calling Cease Fire is always the order of the day. Given That these are Leo's that own and run this business I highly doubt that they blew it off. They don't take anything safety related lightly.

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