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Thread: Caution when using the talon range in tallahassee, florida:

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    Interesting. I don't know how the competition areas were set up, but the range IS set up in a straight line, with a 15' tall berm behind it. Down the back side of that berm is a 100/200 yard rifle range with a whole lot of woods behind it. So, I'd be interested to find out what changes were made for the competition.
    Aside from that, both owners of Talon Range are veteran Law Enforcement Officers, and have never behaved in anything other than a professional manner during my several experiences there.
    In fact, as far as I've seen, everything about Talon has been nothing but respectful, safe, and professional. So, I hope you'll understand WHY I have a difficult time believing that your ear protection was shot off your head by a ricochet while there... Much less that you did not report the incident to a single on-duty officer anywhere. What kind of Certified Instructor/Safety Officer can just let a thing like that "slide"???
    I agree 110% ..... I'm a former member of the TRPC range as well as someone who's shot at the Talon range. The OP's story smells like exaggerated BS to me.

    "It's easier to avoid conflict than it is to survive it" - SGB

  3. As co-owner of Talon Range, I noticed this thread while searching for something else. To the gentleman who posted...

    We are very sorry for the incident. After you left that day, we were notified of said incident and investigated the issue. We could not locate you or contact information for you. What happened was someone disobeyed a very clear rule elsewhere on the property, on a 200 yard range we had. A round apparently struck a barricade and tumbled/ricocheted over the back to where you were. After that incident, we started closing the rifle range during competitions. We have all our bays designed to NRA specifications and spent well over $1,000,000 building phase one of the facility. We just completed phase III.

    We have added $25,000 in surveillance cameras along with posting rules signs on every bay to ensure if anything happens, we will have a record of it. We shortened the 200 yard bay to 100 yards, implemented some rules changes and have had no further incidents such as this. We constructed fences on top of the berms to catch any errant ricochet's and have all visitors and members watch safety videos and take a written test before shooting.

    While nothing can guarantee accidents will never happen, we have taken every measure to prevent these to the best of our knowledge.

    At Talon we take pride in our safety history and have been applauded by our insurance company for all the measures we have in place to protect our visitors and members. We have over 2,500 members and have had over 30,000 unique visitors in our three years in business.

    For anyone taking the time to read this thread, please feel free to come by or contact us at 850-597-7550 with any questions. We host one of the top ten biggest GSSF matches every year, regular USPSA, Steel Challenge and SASS monthly matches.

    This issue was addressed and resolved shortly after it happened. Again, we hope your confidence was not permanently shaken. After being on the range for over 25 years myself, and my partner for the same, we have seen many close calls, and some tragic incidents, but, we don't want them here at Talon. We do all we can to prevent that.

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