Florida Firearms Law, Use, and Ownership
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Thread: Florida Firearms Law, Use, and Ownership

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    Florida Firearms Law, Use, and Ownership

    This book, by Jon H. Gutmacher, Esq. is a MUST HAVE for anyone in the state of Florida who
    either has a ccw, or is thinking about getting one.

    The sixth edition [Never buy or use an older edition. The info is obviously to old to be usefull or
    even wrong, with the constantly changing laws.] covers everything from Constitutional aspects,
    qualifications,the permit itself,transportation and carrying, violations, self defense and lawful use of force,
    and just about anything else that pertains to concealed carry.
    It's 282 pages and sells for about $27. at gun shops.
    It's written in a very clear and concise manner, and is easily readable. After reading it from cover to cover,
    I still go back and read sections as something comes up.
    You read this and there's pretty much no way you can misinterpret the laws. He not only gives you the laws,
    but explains them in real world scenarios. He tells you when there are gray areas and how not become
    a test case in them. Very informative and actually fun to read.
    Of course, every time a new edition comes out, you should replace your current copy.

    Remember, this is ONLY for Florida.
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    wolfhunter Guest
    Yep, this is a must-have guide for Florida CCW.

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    I'm wondering when he's going to come out with a 7e. This one has been out for a while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by toreskha View Post
    I'm wondering when he's going to come out with a 7e. This one has been out for a while.
    He says every two years...it has been nearly that, so I would guess soon.
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    Just got Mine in the mail today! Started browsing through the laws for Concealment. One that I found that I didn't know (why would I?). You cannot go into a bar with a concealed firearm. Don't misunderstand me. I'm not for one to go to a bar, get drunk while I got my gun on me. But, if I'm with My Wife and want to go out for a drink, We can sit in the resturant part and have a drink/s but cannot go into; near or pass through a bar at all with a Concealed firearm. Guess I'm going to have to keep an eye on which establishments I can go in while visiting Daytona in two weeks.
    Glad I go the book though, lots to look over!
    (All the above are MY opinions/suggestions ONLY....AND, I like to bust ball's, it's called having a sense of humor. In other words, no intent to offend anyone, so get over it)

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