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    Hello I have a Florida non res CCW permit and it's time for renewal. I have a couple of questions 1st can i do electronic finger printing and if so where do I go? 2nd on the renewal form it shows a $42 charge for finger printing I'm assuming that is just for residents since I'll be paying for them locally? This is my first renewal so I am clueless. I would call but, i remember when I first got it the wait wait is real long and can't be on hold for a long period of time. Any help with this renewal is much appreciated. Thanks in advance

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    You still have to pay to $42.00 fingerprint charge as I read it, for renewal of out of State. Your doing it by mail. If you come down and do it in person less time. Fax a note to them leave your # email.
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    wow 60 for renewal smdh what a scam
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  5. $60 renewal isnít so much of a scam when you factor that itís valid for 7 years...thatís only $8.57/yr.

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