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    When and if that happens, I'll simply disassemble my magazines, put the magazine parts into a plastic bag or container and call them my "magazine parts kits". This has been working here in PRHI for several years and has actually been recommended by a few LEO here in the state.

    Unless you take the magazines out in public or use the "hi-cap" magazines where others will see you, it's highly unlikely that anyone will ever know that you have them. Through experience, so far TSA has said nothing about my firearms or equipment except on one occasion when I was traveling with a bunch of LEO to a training convention. The LEO had full auto MP5 rifles and auto M-4 rifles. The brilliant TSA Agent picked up one of the rifles and held it up and said something like "Hey, this is an automatic machine gun." The look on the face of other travelers was worth a million bucks.

    LOL I would have loved to see that!
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sirsig1780 View Post
    I have used in-car gun safes from center-of-mass Center Of Mass Central when I fly. I lock my gun in one and the ammo and knives and pepper spray in another and put them in my luggage. Have never had a problem flying on Southwest our of RI.

    Better go double check the TSA regs. If I remember correctly, pepper spray is on their "prohibited" list. Don't want to see a fellow list member getting pinched for something that could be prevented.

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