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    Question Open Carry as a Class G Security Officer

    Just curious, if for instance a Class G Security Officer was open carrying and an police officer was to question him would he be able to claim he was working? Can someone hire themselves or can other people, for instance a family member they are traveling with hire them for the day and would that meet the legal requirement of working. As for uniform, can anything be a uniform if hired privately. How does the situation change if the said security officer open carrying has their own company?

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    Go ahead and try it, let us know how it works out for you.
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    Most states have laws covering when a security guard is authorized to carry. States differ. Some state let you open carry to and from work and some require you to have it in a gun case or vault. You need to check your state laws. Someone here will tell you info based on their state and get you into trouble in your state. Be wise and informed.

  5. Hi Delavorex,

    I agree with SR9, you need to check the state laws or you can take the help of you legal personal as they can guide you properly as per the state law.

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    In Florida as a G licensed Security Officer the post you are filling must require that you be armed, further you must be on the clock. You can not contract out privately, you must be hired through a licensed Security Agency. Further personal protection details are usually done by Class C private investigators.

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  7. The G license, being an add-on, allows security personnel to be armed, but only based on the contract being worked. In order to open carry, you must be in a uniform. No uniform, no open carry. As far as being “hired” by the other person with you, there are two factors. 1- EP details are performed in plain clothes, so no open carry. 2- you cannot self contract your services unless you have a B license (security company) or A license (PI company).

    Essentially, if you want to open carry in Florida, either go work an armed security post, or become a cop. Otherwise, just keep it outta sight.

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