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Thread: Help Florida Throw off Unconstitutional Gun Control!

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    Great for Florida but I'm not getting the point. Made in USA should be the standard here.
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    Everyone is missing the point here. States rights trump federal rights. And if Obama & Co. make federal laws against guns, each and every state can cancel that federal law out by doing just this exact thing. The point being made here is that Washington cannot control the states (unless the states suck on the govt. tit). If every state in the union claims immunity from federal gun laws, then there ARE no federal gun laws.

    Health insurance is headed in this direction, too. If Reid and the Dems force health insurance on the country, the states can simply say that no one in THIER state has to comply.

    The 14th Amendment is going to get a good work-out very soon, and I predict a very pissed-off Obama. The only thing that will screw this up is if people like our RINO Charlie Crist in Florida decides that sucking up to Washington is mre important. And right now, I think Charlie Tuna is on his way out, with a lot of other state leaders who like to bow and snivel up to D.C.
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    NC has a Firearms Freedom Act in the Works Too!

    This is a growing trend. Information about the NC Firearms Freedom Act is available at:

    NC Firearms Freedom Act : Montie Design

    Montie Roland
    Montie Design
    Montie Design

    Home of the X-Rest Shooting Rest

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    Thefederal government can pass anything it wants. Getting people to comply with much of their stupidity is a whole differeent ball game.

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