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What's ironic about all of this is that my Florida permit does not say non-resident. I checked around and it appears that Florida does not make a distinction between resident and non resident. The tip off is the address. My Virginia permit does say non-resident. It shouldn't make a difference but someone decided that if you can't get a CCW in your home state you are not worthy. Most states don't care.
One bit of good news is that my home state, NJ, which is a "may issue" state in principle and a "non issue" in practice has a bi-partisan supported bill before the legislature in favor of "shall issue". Between that and McDonalod v Chicago coming up in March, 2010 is looking like a great year for CCW.
I sure hope so!!! I have a Pa. res permit and a Florida non res. (I was also surprised that the Fl. permit didn't say "non-resident" I mentioned that on this site awhile ago and someone pointed out that my addy was the give away. :-) )
Living on the border of TPRof NY and NJ means that quite often I do not carry. Those states deny me my 2a rights to "life" by not allowing me to protect that life while traveling in those states!!!!!