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Thread: Son doesn't believe in guns - help!

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    He's still young...let it be. He might come around someday. As long as he's not anti, he'll be okay. Especially when he settles down someday with his own family. That's when you can have the father son discussion about doing all you can to protect your family. 1) Alarm system, 2) Dog i.e. Lab, German Sheppard 3) Gun. Those are the best lines of defense.....and in that order.....just in case the alarm fails, the dog doesn't bite the BG, then you use deadly force on the BG.

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    I've always believed the right not to own guns is just as much a right as owning them. The thing here is it looks like he respects others rights to own guns and that's very important. My youngest daughter is the only one that enjoys going to the range with me but my two other daughters, while not shooters, understand and respect the right of ownership.

  4. It's a phase. My wife was at one point totally against having guns around. After living in a lousy apartment complex and having our cars vandalized she started to waver. Once we had kids and there was responsibility for an innocent, she came around completely and now goes shooting with me regularly. Life experience will change his perspective way better than any kind of intervention or trying to force the issue.
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    A lot of folks live under the delusion that crime won't or can't happen to them... Some folks become "interested" once they have become a victim of violent crime. I became "interested" at age 19 when I found myself looking down the business end of a .45 during a robbery.

  6. Talking

    Quote Originally Posted by ClearSightTactical View Post
    I'm not in the least bit interested in getting married to another guy, but I think those who want to should be able to...(oh crap, i'm going to get flamed)..
    OK, that was funny!!!
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    With all due respect everyone, I think if he likes the idea of an armed population and doesn't feel that the government should "outlaw" guns he should be left alone. If he's not interested, well...he's not interested in using them, so long as he doesn't want everyone not to own them..

    I'm not in the least bit interested in getting married to another guy, but I think those who want to should be able to...(oh crap, i'm going to get flamed)..
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  8. lmao I was expecting a huge "don't let the door hit you on the way out" with that comment.
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    Hello folks, my first time at this site but not too soon to render an opinion. :)

    Your son may have two completely unrelated thoughts going through his head, or they may in fact be related directly. One perfectly reasonable issue could be he simply doesn't enjoy shooting or 'see the point', from a sports perspective. That could be totally unrelated to the "I don't believe in guns" thought, or it could be directly a result of that thinking.

    Anyway, if he were to bring the topic up again on his own, I'd just try to stimulate some thinking on his part--not any attempt to change his mind on anything, just something to get the thinking going. "Do you have an issue with all weapons?", "Do you see a difference between the defensive use of weapons and their offensive or criminal use?", and "How do you feel about a person's need to defend themselves--paranoia or preparedness, etc?".

    The idea would be to get maybe to at least some thinking that personal defense is sometimes necessary, and whether the weapon is a firearm or a baton or hands-and-feet may not be a moral choice but purely a technical one. You may also find solid common ground with him in sharing the view that the first and most effective line of personal defense is to recognize and avoid trouble before it gets started...if you indeed feel that way. He should also understand that one definition of adversary is that jerk who won't allow you to avoid trouble.

    If you're accustomed to shorter conversations, then if he brings up the 'don't believe in guns' comment again, simply ask him to "Expand." While to me it's like saying "I don't believe in wood", you know there's more to it. :)
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    Hire a couple of guys to mug and rob him some night.

    Works every time!
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