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Thread: How in the heck do I get my wife to try shooting?

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    You cannot make her like shooting...

    Better ear protection is a good idea. Shooting with other women is a good idea. Search for her a female mentor. Find her articles to read like these. Good luck. Tell her she can write to me anytime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by no1atall View Post
    Tell her you have a girlfriend......wacko:
    or better yet ... let her catch you with that girl.

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    A year ago my wife was also afraid of guns. Since I CC and I also own hunting firearms I ask her to take a CC class. (Just to learn more about "gun safety".)

    After taking the CWP class she had a whole new outlook!
    NOW? She CC's every chance she gets; AND continues to take "Advanced" SD shooting classes.

    In less than one year she has gone from AG to becoming an RSO and outshooting most men in our local club. (Including Me!)

    But it's all good; nothing but love!

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