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    Did PMC change to a different company name or out of business, does not seem to be much of it out there lately, always worked fine for me target practicing and price was good.


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    This will answer you question.

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    thanks Dave, i have not had any problems using pmc, just haven't seen much around lately, getting a little low on 38 special:(, it is winter here so not out as much, I'll just have to keep my eyes open for other ammo, not a problem.


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    I just got off of the NAA website, where an old recall states that PMC .22 & .22 mag. are not to be used in NAA revolvers. Seems that more than one cartridge would occasionally ignite - both the one in battery, and one along side - not a fun happening! Hasn't happened to me, but does indicate a questionable rimfire loading. Not related to PMC, but for a safety notice, Winchester .22 mag. in specific lots were double powder loaded at one time (last year?), and recalled. It makes you a little cautious, and to be aware of possible recalls on ammunition.

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