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    No surprises (for those of us here anyway). I would be interested in a second opinion from someone who is also conversant with statistics. Not that I doubt this guy, just that I believe in being prepared for a challenge.

    One slight problem is that I didn't notice what year the data came from. If anyone notices it, please advise.
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    I have not run the stats the way this gentleman did,but I did look at some of my own,which makes none of this a surprise to me.In the years of 2005 and 2006 the states with the most lax gun control laws and restrictions had a low incidence of violent crime,with Vermont being,I think,the lowest.The states with the tightest,most restrictive gun laws had a high incidence of violent crime,with Washington D.C. being far and away the highest.These people don't look at facts and information.They just want to get their way.I have a problem with them doing it with my money.I think I would like to send this info to the Brady campaign.And to the speaker of the house.And to a few newspapers and t.v. stations.
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  4. I just finished reading John Lott's book "The Bias Against Guns." He makes pretty much the same argument but uses a whole lot more statistics (at least, he had a whole bunch more graphs :) ). It was a little struggle getting past all his discussion of the statistics, but once I got into his conclusions, it was really good. He looks at all kinds of data about each state that has passed concealed carry laws and compares crime rates in those states before and after the laws passed with states that don't have concealed carry laws. He also found that the states with stricter gun control laws and those without concealed carry had higher crime rates. It's a pretty good book for some specific arguments against gun control laws and I'd recommend reading it if you get a chance (if math hurts your head like it does mine, you might try just looking at the graphs and reading his conclusion section at the end of each chapter). Sorry to ramble on. :o
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