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    The video above is good..
    Wondering around a house with a shot gun would not be a preference for me.. To easy for someone to grab and now you are in a struggle..
    I'm with JJFlash on the plan, except without the shotgun..
    Between the wife and I there are two guns and 911 on the phone. We know where the BG will come from vs him not knowing what is behind the door..

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpaceFrank View Post
    I'm planning to buy a shotgun when I have the money, and have been looking at the Mossberg 500 Home Defense, which holds 8 shells. Until then, however, I'm limited to rifles and pistols. I was wondering the other day what the optimum choice would be if, God forbid, I heard someone break into my house and had to grab something for defense.

    I think the two most logical choices are the Baby Eagle .45 and the Mini-14. The BE currently holds 10 Remington Golden Sabers, and the Mini has generic varmint hollow points in either a 20- or 30-round mag. I'm a decent shot with either of them, and the longest distance inside my house is a little over 30 feet, down the staircase toward the front door. There are obvious trade-offs between range, capacity, accuracy, and penetration.

    Which would you grab if something went bump in the night?

    I'd opt for the closest firearm. If they're both within reach, I'd opt for the rifle before the handgun. Invest in some quality SD rounds for the rifle and practice, practice, practice. If you can find a place to practice CQ shooting, then all the better. Using the sights at CQ range with the rifle is rather tricky. I advise my students to learn how to engage targets by shooting instinctively when using a long gun at close ranges. The goal is to "stop the threat". One way of doing that would be to place multiple rounds in the COM of the threat. If that doesn't work, then you would need to have a back up plan. I usually opt for the pelvis, then a follow-up to the head. All of this takes a lot of practice, so get out to the range as much as you can.

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    My choice would be the .45 with some good JHPs. The .45 is hard to beat for stopping a fight IMO. YMMV
    When seconds count, the LEO's are only minutes away...

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