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Thread: Who knows that you carry?

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    I live in a small community and I don't keep the fact that I carry a secret. I don't really broadcast that I am carrying either. My family and quite a few co-workers know. This has resulted in several of them getting permits of their own. When I visit the big city, I never let anyone know.

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    My wife and kids, plus five or six fellow carriers from work. And now my brother-in-law- (25 year LEO). Recently I was at his house, putting up a new ceiling fan, and removed my conceal wallet that houses my KelTek .380. he asked me, "Do you have a liscense for that thing?"
    My response: "Oh yeah, about a year and a half now..."
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    Just my family and a couple of friends. Some neighbors suspect I do but are not sure and I'm not letting them know for sure.

  5. of course they know

    Everyone that knows me knows I carry. I actually think it is a badge of honor. It means you are reputable, have a pretty clean record, pay your taxes, don't owe back child support. I carry for a plethora of reasons. My Mother in Law asked me one time and I told her to protect those weaker than me. Her answer ? "Pishaw". Well, it's true. Partly to protect myself and largely to protect those who can't protect themselves. The same reason my son is in the military. He's certainly not doing it for the pay. Carrying is a badge of honor, a right and a duty. Just one more aspect of being a responsible worthy citizen.

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    Lordtobar- Consider this; if everyone you know is aware you carry, have you placed yourself in a favorable tactical position when the proverbial poop hits the fan in your workplace or at an outing with friends? What if one of your "friends" goes off the deep end and starts doing what the little voices tell them to do? Won't you be their first target? Are you any good to those you wish to protect at that point?

    CCW is for one reason- To protect your life and the lives of your loved one's in a "critical dynamic incident". That means, if you have an opportunity to leave....leave. When you leave, take your loved ones with you and those remaining need to fend for themselves. If by protecting yourself you save someone else, then it was their lucky day but you have no duty or legal position to defend someone else. How do you know when coming into an incident who is the bad guy? You may walk into a parking garage and meet a scruffy fellow holding another at gunpoint. Do you take action with your weapon against this person? Who is to say the person holding the weapon isn't an undercover police officer? The attitude that you carry to protect others is one that will have you sitting in court and likely in jail.

    I'd recommend you read Massad Ayoob's "In the Gravest Extreme" and check out the Thunder Ranch DVD training series since not all of us can afford $2-$3k every few years to keep our skills up to date.

    I completely understand your being proud to have the right and duty to carry. You may be missing the responsibility you have to be discrete and keep the number of those who are aware you carry to a VERY select few. This is the main reason I choose to carry concealed vs. open carry. While it may help the political cause, it won't mean beans if you are eliminated before you know you are a target.
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    I live in a small town and am friends with some of the leos and they know. My close family and close friends know. If asked I don't confirm nor deny. Some of my close friends carry now. I don't ask if I can carry in places that don't post it and if it is posted I make sure it's concealed good and go in. If I walk across your parking lot only to find a sign telling me I can't carry I'm not going back to my truck just to put my gun in it. That being said concealed means concealed.

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    Thumbs down I see the makings of another CCW Badge thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by lordtobar View Post
    Carrying is a badge of honor, a right and a duty.
    So do you also wear one of those silly badges that say, "Concealed Weapons Permit Holder"?

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    As few as possible

    My wife, my kids and a few others of like mind. I do not advertise. My plan if I am ever asked by anybody if I am carrying is to answer, "No but if I was I would probably lie." Let them chew on that.
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  10. I really don't know who knows I carry, I really don't care either it's no big secret as far as I'm concerned or any ones business. In the morning I throw My OWB paddle holster on and out the door... covered or not..Unless were on the bike then I carry in my Hillside vest with a gun pocket just because the wife bangs her knee of it when its on my side ..
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    I don't hang around many people. I don't have many neighbors but they know I watch this area and know I'm armed. I've told many people that they had no business in this area. I shot enough that everyone knows this is not a place to be caught stealing. today most of the people I know are getting their CWP. They call me about what gun they should get I also let them come over and shot enough to pass the test.

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