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Thread: Who knows that you carry?

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    I tell passengers in my car that I'm carrying, just in case I have to put the gun in the glove box. But usually passengers in my car are my girlfriend, who knows I carry, sister, who knows I carry, and closest friend, who took the CDW Course with me and also carries. Other than that it's my parents, step-parents, girlfriend’s parents and my boss, who said I'm not allowed to carry while working.

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    My family and a few friends.

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    I have a couple of friends that know...one is a LEO. the other is a very close friend with a CWP also. My wife became very weird about it when my permit finally arrived,:so it is not mentioned and she has never seen my little friends I have taught my kids not to touch guns, but they have never seen mine. I have several BB guns that I have used to teach them the proper way to shoot and handle a firearm. Hopefully it has helped with the curiosity aspect too. But back to the original topic, mine are concealed 100% always, period...

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    My husband and daughter know, she's getting hers soon. My father knows, I'm not close to the rest of my family so none of them know. I work for a small company and my boss' carry. They encourage me to carry as they are often out and that leaves me and one other non carrying woman. Our office is in a bad part of town. I've actually seen one shot out at the end of our warehouse complex. Several of my friends know, but I'm in a very pro gun area.

  6. to prplflh71

    In regards to this ...

    I'd recommend you read Massad Ayoob's "In the Gravest Extreme" and check out the Thunder Ranch DVD training series since not all of us can afford $2-$3k every few years to keep our skills up to date.

    I completely understand your being proud to have the right and duty to carry. You may be missing the responsibility you have to be discrete and keep the number of those who are aware you carry to a VERY select few.

    Yeah I have read those books and many others, I do have training and I do check out the videos, many more than just Thunder Ranch, and I'm not missing the point.

    I said all those who know me ... meaning all those who KNOW me ... not every acquaintance I've ever made.

    I make one post ... first one in years ... and right off the bat I get some self important "expert" telling me how I'm wrong and making recommendations on how I can fix myself ... presumably to be more like they are.

    BTW, EVERYBODY knows that Clint Smith and Massad Ayoob are packing ... does that make them less effective as well ? Does that automatically make them a target ?

    And what if some of your friends are packing as well ? I know mine are. So wouldn't it be more effective to know who is going to do what in a fight to be more effective ?

    I don't automatically presume that if something goes down I will be the only one that knows what to do ... I have friends that have far more training than I do ... professionals that train other professionals ... so yes, there are a lot of folks that know I carry ... and for a lot of different reasons.

    My recommendation for you is that you know your audience before you start telling them what they should and shouldn't do.

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    If I chose to carry and if I owned a firearm I might carry a colt combat commander and two mags in galco holster if I owned any guns I don't own.

  8. boycotting galco

    I quit buying Galco when I found out the hard way that they don't warranty their products.

    Up until then I loved them and thought the quality was very good. But one bad apple will spoil the bunch so they say ... and one bad experience with me definitely spoiled the experience.

    So I've bought many holsters since then ... actually bought probably 3 just this last month ... two were Ross Yaqui slides and one was a Mitch Rosen.

    Of course everyone knows that Mitch Rosen and Milt Sparks can't be beat for quality ... so not buying Galco has not been a burden.

    All that being said, I wonder if this is the wrong thread for that as we were discussing who do you tell that you carry.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    So do you also wear one of those silly badges that say, "Concealed Weapons Permit Holder"?
    don't be a moron

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    Just the wife!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lordtobar View Post
    don't be a moron
    I was only asking a question. What's with the hostility and name-calling?

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