Mossberg 500...picking it up
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Thread: Mossberg 500...picking it up

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    Mossberg 500...picking it up

    SO THERE IS ALWAYS THE DEBATE of pistol vs. shotgun for home defense.i'm picking up my mossberg 500 cruiser shotgun with the pistol grip on friday.also has the breachers barrel.not that i will ever have to do any of that.i can go to Breachers Tape, a worldwide supplier. for that.
    had to wait the standard 3 day cooling off period in the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF ILLINOIS cuz it has a pistol any other firearm we own, i hope i never have to use it to protect my family.always nice to have though

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    You'll love it. I got a folding stock for mine, and it came with a pistol grip / regular buttstock. I ended up just putting the buttstock back on it. It handles easier and aims easier.
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    One of the things I like about Mossbergs is that they are so customizable. Do you plan on adding any more accessories to yours?
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  5. Yea the accessories are going to eat your pocket up. Cant go without the red dot, butt stock holder, and don't get me started about outfitting it for turkey season..

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    Yep you'll love it. The 500's a good shotgun and I've been happy with mine. But you broke usacarry's rule number one....... When you buy a new toy you have to post pics of it so we have something to drool over!!
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  7. I have a Moss 500 "tactical persuader" telescoping stock. I never did care for pistol grip only shotguns....awesome purchase though!
    Mine is like the one below...(exactly like, but not my actual..oh mine doesn't have a heat shield though..)

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