What do you look for in a shooting range?
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Thread: What do you look for in a shooting range?

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    What do you look for in a shooting range?

    What features do you like in a shooting range? I am currnetly looking into building a range and looking for ideas.

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    A nice Sunny Day....

    Sorry, Seriously, Plenty of room to spread out left to right.. 200 yards to 15 yards. Really qualified range officers. Can't offer thoughts on a indoor range, only done that once ... Too cramped, poor ventilation.
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    Clean. Friendly. Safe. Well ventilated/well lit. And Pro-2A. If you want to get more detailed, the ability to shoot at a variety of distances, independent of what the neighboring shooter is doing, is a plus, IMO.
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    What do you look for in a shooting range?......

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  6. Who can provide for bui;dimg plans for a two place underground shooting range. I;d like to put one in my 21/2 acre yard....private...quiet.....any kind of weather.

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    Varying distances out to at least 200 yards for long guns. Separate hand gun/ long gun areas. The one I'm currently a member of has a cowboy action/ IPSC area, shotgun, handgun and long gun areas. The only problem with it is flooding during heavy rains.

  8. For a commercial outdoor range:

    The ability to shoot from the holster. Many commercial ranges only allow this with an instructor.
    Clay throwers available for use.
    200 yard minimum
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    One us poor guys can afford.
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by rforgy View Post
    One us poor guys can afford.
    +1 - I joined a range out here for $120/year...I have 24/7 access to it, they have a ton of members. Keep in mind if you open a range and charge $15-20 per visit you'll have (IMO) someone who goes maybe once a month thereby creating $240/year as opposed to someone who is guaranteed to pay you $120/year for unlimited use...recurring revenue is good...

    I weighed my decision in joining this club/range based on the fact that I could go as many times as I wanted for $120 opposed to 6 times with the indoor place at $20/visit. Also, figure if you allow a member to bring a guest (like a wife, friend, etc) that there is alot of added value. I've taken one person with me multiple times and he became a member so he wouldn't have to wait on me to go shooting...
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