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    God bless america

    i work pt at Cabela's in hoff. ests. , il .i had a couple in from across the pond (ENGLAND ) on sunday .WE GOT TO TALKING FIREARMS.all we could say was "GOD BLESS AMERICA ' .if u r lucky enuf to get a handgun permit over there.u never get to take it home.such a waste of $$$$$.u buy it & it is always kept at the gun range u shoot at.he says it's always locked up & they insure it.
    also, if & when u can buy a shotgun, u immediately have to take it to the local authorities.they then crimp the tube so the gun only has 1 shell in the chamber & 1 in the magazine tube.u r allowed to have them at home if it is locked up in a safe.the police always come by & do a home safety check.
    i live in the "PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF ILLINOIS ".i thot i had it bad here,i guess not.
    like i said, 'GOD BLESS AMERICA '

  3. Sounds like they do have it worse! But in Illinois a lot of times you actually need self defense

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