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Thread: Got myself a Christmas present!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by joeren View Post

    Sorry for the previous double post. I posted the first one with the picture and it didn't show up so I re-posted without the picture. Now they're both posted.

    Don't worry about the double post. We've probably all done it once. Just as an FYI you can delete one of your own post.

    The only person available to protect you 24 hours a day is you.

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    EOTech sight

    Thanks DrDavid, I deleted the double post.
    I received the Eotech 512 today and quickly mounted it on my AR. Optics look great. The center dot is 1MOA and as sharp as a tack, compared to my Tacpoint, which seems to have a little halo around the 4MOA dot. I thought I would get to the range tomorrow but we got some snow last night with more to come tomorrow. Anyway
    Happy New Year to all:D


  4. Good shooting Sir.

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