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Thread: 4 police officers ambushed in Tacoma/Lakewood coffe shop

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    I'm gonna post something that I know is not going to be received well by many. Before I do, please, please note that I am heartsick for those who have lost a Dad, Mom, brother, sister, son or daughter. And I am certainly supportive of the job that most LEO perform, under less than ideal circumstances. But: This should not have happened. No way that four LEO should have been taken this easily.

    I spent some years riding in a motorcycle club (not any longer). Due to the nature of that subculture, we were ALWAYS on alert. If 4 of us went into a cafe, we did not all sit together. At least one positioned himself well away from the group in order to watch the surroundings. It would have been very difficult for a single person with a semi-automatic handgun to take out the whole group. Not impossible, nothing is impossible, but very, very difficult. Always we did this, no exceptions.

    ( Before anyone gets too excited or starts to stereotype, the club I was in engaged in no illegal activity and there were many vets and other patriots who rode in the club. The fact that there was a patch on your back, however, made you a target.)

    So, I tend to ask why a group of LEO does not conduct itself the same way. Certainly, many LEO on this site have posted about the well-armed sociopaths who exist in our society. Why would any LEO not consider themselves as targets and conduct themselves accordingly? Arrogance, complacency? I don't know...

    I realize I wasn't there and it's often difficult and foolish to second guess exactly what the circumstances were. I also know that if someone targets you, it's difficult to impossible to defend against, at least one-on-one. So, I'm not fault-finding here, just opining for sake of discussion.

    My .02 cents. Let me have it.

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    Cool Watching

    Almost all of the LEOs that I have encountered have been watchfull. It seems second nature and goes hand-in-hand with the job.

    It is very difficult for me to sit in a booth. Yes I am paranoid and they are out to get me!

    I am always watching and observing who comes in and who goes out.

    There will be moves made to outlaw guns again and there will be more excuses made and more people will continue to get killed.

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    I think no matter how well prepared one is, if someone is sufficiently determined to murder you then chances are they'll find a way.
    Ken Grubb
    Puyallup, WA

  5. And least they killed this guy. There's a thread on the suspect now.

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