Can't Get The Guns Go After The Ammo
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Thread: Can't Get The Guns Go After The Ammo

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    Can't Get The Guns Go After The Ammo

    The Brady Campaign has turned it's interest to hunting ammo. They'll never give up.

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    Truth will never get in the way of their agenda. I think there should be a ban on the Brady Bunch.
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    Get started reloading. He just made my mind up on getting rid of my 270. NO

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    I can be just as hard headed as the Brady bunch. If it comes right down to it I'll make my homemade powder, out of saltpeter, charcoal, and sulfur, and mold my bullets out of the large amount of old wheelweights, I have kept out in the garage over the years.:)
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    My first question is how can an idiot of this caliber (heh heh) become head of anything?Oh,yeah,they are all idiots leading other idiots.My next question is what can we do about this moron?Besides tell everyone we know what a big mook he and the rest of the brady bunch is?
    Besides write and call our reps and tell them to vote no on any and every piece of gun and ammo control legislation that slides by them.

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    Ok,ok,how about we all write to this dumbass and tell him what facts are and give him a few.Like,if there had been other people in the Nebraska mall with guns,maybe that jerk would not have killed that many people.Like many violent crimes are commited with items OTHER THAN GUNS and nobody calls for a ban on them.Like,per the Constitution (which I know he doesn't care about) what he is proposing,in fact ANY gun ban,is a violation of our rights.How about we violate his right of free speech and make him SHUT THE FU...sorry.I get passionate sometimes.I just have no tolerance for blithering idiots that think they know better than me what's best for me.I'll sit down and me quiet now.

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    You are right Ron they will never give up. Truth makes no difference to them. They just want to accomplish their agenda at all cost. We must continue to oppose them with clear truthful information.

    The only person available to protect you 24 hours a day is you.

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