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    Quote Originally Posted by LDaniel View Post
    I have removed it from my autorecord list. And the episode where he was teaching a Captain 'how to shoot.'

    How did the man get to the rank of Captain not knowing how to shoot?
    Not just a Captain...but Alex has been a cop for 21 yrs...

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    I DVR'd a few episodes. Didn't care for the show... it's not very compelling TV! Much of it seemed staged. :(

    Out of all his movies, there were really only two I really liked: Above the Law and Under Siege.

    But, the TV show IMHO is just bad!
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    If he's not playing a law enforcement officer, then he's alway's a high speed, low drag Delta, CIA, Navy SEAL or Ranger wannabe.

    He's got good stuff with martial arts, not so much on shooting technique, especially from 5 ft away from the target.
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  5. A Legend in His Own Mind, just my opinion. He does good things for the community, but this show is Self Agrandizement. See ME. Look at ME. I can kick your ass 7 ways from Sunday. On the plus side, he DOES believe in the Second Amendment, but so do Tom Selleck and Bruce Willis and they ain't out there looking for more self serving TV time. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 4. Just my opinion.

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    The more I watch it, the more I laugh at it. Now I try to get my wife to watch it with me, because she HATES it. I'll wait till we're really comfortable on the couch, to the point that she doesn't want to get up, and then I'll find it on the DVR. It takes about three seconds for me to be threatened with violence, yelled at, cussed at, hit with pillows, and whatever else. Then she gives in and suffers through it. It's become my go-to when I can't find much of anything else. He's a good guy, doing good stuff. He's just really proud of himself. I just wonder if there's a producer in the background scripting this and creating this "character," or if he really thinks that way. Either way, I'll probably keep watching it. It pays off when he visits children's hospitals, and does fundraisers for them, and the like. I like to think that if I had his influence and financial means that I would do some of the same things. It's better than seeing him on TV getting arrested for stupid stuff.

  7. reserve means he is a vol. or a aux most of which are unarmed we called them $1.00 a year guys some are real good some can get you in big trouble

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    Seems that he...and his team...were absent the day they took the class picture.

  9. Steven Segall

    Quote Originally Posted by Glockster20 View Post
    Yes. As a reserve officer, there is a minimum amount of hours you have to put in each month. The amount will vary between agencies... for example; My department required reservists to put in a minimum of 16 hours a month. Two 8 hour shifts and you were done. Most of us would put in more than the minimum just because we enjoyed doing it. Anyway, once he puts in his minimum required hours, he can go do whatever he wants or needs to do.
    reserve are also ref to as aux. they volenter some are good most just have a ego and want to play cop. We had them when I was a police officer I chose not to have one ride with me after seeing them get other officers in tight spots. Its hard enough tokeep yourself out of trouble I did not want any more kids to raise!

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    I've seen the show a few times. It's pretty cool. Gotta give the guy kudos....he doesn't stay too idle! I checked out one of the clips and noticed he could stand to trim his fingernails a bit....for cryin' out loud, looks like he has girly finger nails.

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    Do all the "good" things he does void the fact that he's a wife-beating scumbag? He has a home in the area that I live and does NOT have the best reputation here. I know someone that met him once and said he treated his current wife like crap as well. Sorry, not a fan of the man. I'm sure I'll get some flamin for this but just my opinion. :-/

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