Revell got the backing of ANJRPC (Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, NRA State Affiliate). The good news is that the charges were eventually dropped and Mr. Revell ended up getting his gun back, two years later. Revell then filed a civil suit, citing the Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986. The docket for the civil case currently shows 127 filings or events in the case since Jan '06. The bad news is that, in the civil case, the judge decided that the arresting officer had probable cause (Revell claimed that he was in possession of the gun for self protection, not a legal reason in NJ) and that ANJRPC could not be a plaintiff. After probable cause was affirmed, the case fell apart and Revell's claims were dismissed. However, the interesting and unusual thing is that ANJRPC appealed the decision to remove them as a plaintiff. The appeal was granted, because the judge thought that the members of ANJRPC had potentially been harmed, citing the ANJRPC's claim that they have out of state members that may travel to or through NJ and the case was reopened. So, now the case is continuing with ANJRPC as the only plaintiff. Go figure!

In short, nothing has changed. The same thing could happen today.