Shall Issue Effort in NJ
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Thread: Shall Issue Effort in NJ

  1. Shall Issue Effort in NJ

    Hi All,
    It is me, Smity, again, continuing my effort to improve gun legislation. When an issue comes up, I post on many forums so I apologize for not being more social. Some of you may remember participating in the email campaign for right to carry on National Park land (over 80 million acres) which resulted in hundreds of email letters sent to the Senate and House just prior to the vote and contributed to its successful passage. The new law goes into effect in February. The second was an attempt to counter one-gun-a-month in NJ, which we could not stop, but we were able to get exemptions for competitors and collectors (the exemptions aren’t great, but they are an improvement).
    This time, we are pushing the reintroduction of a right to carry bill in NJ (that would make NJ “shall issue”) and for the bill to be pushed through the Law and Public Safety Committee. Bills can remain in committee indefinitely if there is not a public demand for them to be released. This is important for everyone, not just NJ citizens. Some of you may be familiar with Revell v. Port Authority. Gregg Revell, who was flying from UT to PA, missed his connecting flight in Newark, NJ. Mr. Revell had legally brought a handgun with him in his checked baggage. Mr. Revell’s bags ended up in the lost luggage section of the airport. He finally found his bags, after the remaining flight and all busses had left. He checked into a hotel near the airport and attempted to get on the next flight to PA the following morning. When he declared the handgun while checking his bags, he was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of a handgun. Examples like this are why it is important for everyone to get shall issue in NJ.
    If you have an opinion in this matter and wish to weigh in, you can do so by following this link:
    and then click on “Sign the Petition.”

    The petition refers to bill A1282 which was a right to carry bill proposed during the last legislative session in NJ. It has growing support among Senators and Assemblymen, especially after the ousting of Jon Corzine, NJ's anti-gun Governor, in the last election. They are all starting to feel the pressure.
    If you wish to see the bill before signing the petition, here is the link:

    Thank you to everyone for your help! Normally, I keep a running total so everyone can see how many signed from each forum, so confirming would be helpful and appreciated, but don’t feel obligated.

    Thanks again,



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    New Jersey Right To Carry |
    and then click on “Sign the Petition.”

    I fixed them for you.

  4. Thank you! I went back and fixed it in my post as well.


  5. Proudly "signed" petition + sent to 10 people.
    It took all of 1 minute please sign this petition and help out these people in NJ.
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  6. Thanks for the support. 174 signatures so far!


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    Signed. Smity, have you considered posting this on the NJ Coalition for Self Defense website? You'd get a lot of support there, I assure you. Find them here: Good work!
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by Ektarr View Post
    Signed. Smity, have you considered posting this on the NJ Coalition for Self Defense website? You'd get a lot of support there, I assure you. Find them here: Good work!
    Thanks for the info. Welcome to the NJCSD is actually where I learned about the petition. I'm not sure who started it, but Cemeterys_Gun_Blob posted about it there. NJCSD is probably the best forum to go to to get info about NJ gun laws.


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    Signed. I truly hope for firearm changes in draconian states like N.J. Especially if the McDonald vs. Chicago case in the S.C. goes our way. Could you imagine N.J. as a shall issue state? Omgosh that would be friggin sweet! Bad guys look out!

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    Signed it!

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