Thoughts o the Bersa Thunder .380?
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Thread: Thoughts o the Bersa Thunder .380?

  1. Thoughts o the Bersa Thunder .380?

    Does anyone have any opinions on the Bersa Thunder .380? I have read favorable reviews on this gun, from what I have gathered it seems to be a good value, any input/opinions are appreciated, thank you.

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    I know 3 people that own one. First was my instructor, who is/was a Marine Sniper and couldn't give enough praise of it. So much so, that my buddy went out and bought one as his carry gun. He loves it. Finally, my neighbor is a former Recon Marine and pistol team member, and he loves his too.

    2 marines and 1 rookie all confirm what you've found to be the case. The Bersa Thunder is a great, inexpensive, and reliable pistol. If you can find one under $300, it's a good deal and you should get it. If it's over $300, you should probably shop around some more.
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  4. Great thanks! I think I'm sold on it now!

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    Bersa Pistols are great

    Quote Originally Posted by kingofthedemo View Post
    Does anyone have any opinions on the Bersa Thunder .380? I have read favorable reviews on this gun, from what I have gathered it seems to be a good value, any input/opinions are appreciated, thank you.
    I am the happy owner of a Bersa Thunder 9mm Ultra Compact Pro. This is a very fine pistol that feels great in the hand and shoots extremely straight. I have had no FTF, FTE or any other failure since I bought it last June. To date, I have approximately 1,000 rounds through it.

    I also own a Springfield Armory XDM in 9mm and I like shooting the Bersa just as much as my XDM. I carry the Bersa every day that I'm out. I trust it with my life.

    Try :: Bersa Talk :: • Index page for other responses to whether the Bersa is a good firearm.
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    Bersa Thunder

    Have owned and shot one for three years. Not one problem ever. One of the most reliable guns I've ever shot and accurate as well. Well worth the money ($250 at the time).

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    I have a Bersa Thunder .380 Duo-Tone. It's a great little gun and for the price, you just can't beat it. When I bought mine a few years ago, I paid $249.00 and got 2 extra mags and a box of 380 FMJ ammo to boot. I don't think I've had a malfunction with any ammo used. I guess I've put about 400 to 500 rounds through it. It really likes the Winchester SXT 380 rounds and is extremely accurate with them. So that's what I carry in it. I have several Walthers and a couple of other 380's. The only time I carry them is for a back up or when the weather and clothing dictate something very small under shorts and a t-shirt. But I have carried the Bersa and I'm confident that if I would ever have to yank it out and start going pow-pow, it will do what I need it to do. Did I mention the trigger is better than most of the older Walthers?
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  8. I have the two tone and its one nice little gun. Can not go wrong. I love it.
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  9. Personally, I would not and as a matter of fact do not own a firearm chambered for less than 9mm with the exception of a Marlin model 60 and I do not hold to much respect for the 9mm as a defensive round so you can imagine what I think of the .380. That isn't to say I would turn one down if given to me or if it was the only thing I could put my hands on in a self defense moment, I would not hesitate to grasp it firmly squeezing the trigger all the way. But to put one's life on the line with it . . . on purpose. . . gives me pause when so many others with a more powerful, man stopping round are readily available. The Kahr 9 or pm45 comes to mind and there are many others. Just my opinion.
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