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    Good post....don't go to NYC and if you do DO NOT bring your gun!

    A good, sturdy, quality leather gun belt and holster, helps prevent much of this.....along with good sensible clothing to conceal. As long as you are legally able to CCW and you are making an effort to conceal the weapon, without spooking the horses, you should be good to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rksap View Post
    I am sure that I do all of these things (except the mismatched clothing)

    Although, most of the time I am not overly concerned with concealing. If it shows, it shows (as long as i remember my wallet with my LTCF in it!)

    Other than very deep concealment, it's probably impossible to carry without projecting in some way. I'm not one for deep concealment during everyday carry as I want the quickest access to my weapon that I can get within the bounds of the law (for the most part!). So, I, too, "am not overly concerned with concealing" as long as my permit is in my pocket.

    Good instructional graphic, always like to learn what LEO is thinking and maybe how to spot if a perceived BG is carrying.

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    i carry in front pocket in a holster. it doesnt show and i never have to adjust it. in fact i sometimes forget its there, ive become very comfortable having it there. plus its legal, im sure some of these tells pertain more to illegal guns.

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    Excellent Post!
    Most folks are in a "Condition White Fog" and wouldn't recognize any of those clues for what they are.
    Great BG watching info, though. Thanks.
    “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you mad.” – Aldous Huxley

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    Yep; everything except the clothing part fits me.

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    Great post!

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