Spotting a hidden handgun [infographic]
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Thread: Spotting a hidden handgun [infographic]

  1. Spotting a hidden handgun [infographic]

    spotting a hidden handgun, by a former detective in the NYPD

    may indicate carrying without a holster. I'm going to have to pay attention and see if I'm giving anything away with the way I carry.

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    Nice Brunay! Thanks for posting! :)
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    Thanx for posting.. Very nice..

    I would add a shirt tug as well.. My shirt sometimes catches the handle of my pistol (which I carry in my right side back).. So I semi frequently tug on my shirt tail on the right side to insure it is draping properly..

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    Yes, agreed Thanks... I'm going to grade myself as well...
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    Very well put, but isn't that a lot of common sense.always be prepared , when u least expect it , expect it.

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    Guess I will have to check to see how many ways I may be "tipping my hat". Thanks for posting.
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    +1 for the shirt tug. I know I do that quite a bit, it's become a habit.
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    Good Post. Thanks

  10. I am sure that I do all of these things (except the mismatched clothing)

    Although, most of the time I am not overly concerned with concealing. If it shows, it shows (as long as i remember my wallet with my LTCF in it!)
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    I do the shirt tug all the time. I also carry in a front pocket and keep adjusting with my hand. Very good post.

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