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Thread: NICS delay?

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    I seem to get a delay about every third purchase. I think the staffing can't keep up with the volume of calls.

  3. I've bought a 22 pistol, a 9mm sub both new and a used 12ga from a pawn shop all in the last month and a half. I have not had any problems with any of the background checks

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    One thing that might have hung me up is I noticed as I was waiting and listening that even tho I provided my SSN on the 4473, the clerk didn't give it to the NICS person. I would imagine with a common last name like JONES, I am getting confused with a million-and-one crooks in NC.
    I went to the sheriffs office today and got permits to purchase pistols (which requires a brady check) , so my Brady-check status is good.

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    Quite a busy day today in Wally World. Lots of customers at the sporting goods counter. We were expecting delays at the federal level. No delay at all. Was nice.

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