New to site , from Texas
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Thread: New to site , from Texas

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    New to site , from Texas

    Glad to have been refered to this site from my chl instructor , and am looking foward to the comradery. As a military gun collector for over 20 yrs, I would be glad to help with information when able , and will appreciate any info the community can help me with .

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    Welcome from the Outback (ND), L_Ed!

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    Welcome. Good to have another Texan.
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    Hello again; from the Old North state!!!

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    Welcome friend!
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  7. Welcome

    From the Land of the Free, to the Home of the Brave....Carry on!!!

    NRA Benefactor in NW Ohio

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    Hello, and Welcome to the site from the shore of SC.
    Glock Carrier in SC.


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    Welcome. Not a native Texan but I got here as soon as I could.

  10. Howdy, welcome to the site.

    The Right Site
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  11. Welcome, Texan here too, near Marble Falls

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