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    Out of curiosity, where are you located? I've heard that old tires are good for that, but i think you would need lots of them.
    Yes - if you can work a deal with a junk yard or tire shop to secure LOTS of old tires, that'd be a relatively easy, simple, cheap backstop that would last a while. You mentioned NOT wanting to haul in a lot of sand, but sand in a couple rows of tires would be helpful.

    Good luck, and post pics when you're done!
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    OK, another update. First, I've read posts about tires causing ricochets especially steel belted. Don't think I wanna go that direction. We've actually been shooting into a 1-ton hay bale which is 4' high, 5' deep and 10' wide. Works really well. Behind that is another bale, then the barn wall, which is sheet metal (pole barn) then outside is a steel shipping container. So as long as everyone's on target, I won't have any holes in the barn or dents in the container. We're shooting from 20' and no one has had any mishaps so I feel confident. Only family members have shot out there so far and the neighbors haven't complained. The nearest ones thought I was building something out there using a nail gun. I'm happy with the situation right now but in the long run will build an actual range, about 70' long. I think the 1-ton bales will be the long-term solution to the back stop question, then backed up by 2" of OSB in case anything did get through that. The hay would eventually break down and have to be replaced but it's a lot cheaper than buying the commercial ground rubber materials or steel setups, etc. The range would be for handguns and small cal. rifles, as in 22LR. No hunting rifles, there's a range a few miles away for that. Anyway, we've gone through about 200 rounds this week, teaching my wife & kids to shoot. Hay is holding up well so far and with 10' to go through, I think it'll last awhile. I'm a happy camper... ummm... shooter. :-)

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