The New XD-M 3.8 Short Barrel
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Thread: The New XD-M 3.8 Short Barrel

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    The New XD-M 3.8 Short Barrel

    Springfield Armory just had me update some banners on the site showing their new XD-M that has a 3.8in short barrel. I really like my full size XD-M and this one looks pretty nice as well. Does anyone have one yet?

    Springfield Armory - Introducing the XD(m) Polymer Handgun

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    Don't have one, but I'd sure like to know if they sell the barrel/slide assembly packaged separately. I heard Rob Leathem on the Guntalk radio show introduce/talk about the gun and it apparently uses the same frame as the "regular" XDM.

    One of the complaints I keep reading about with this is that (since it uses the same frame) it doesn't do much for "truly" helping CC since the grip is still the same size as the full XDM.

    Leathem also referenced the number one question he gets: When will the 45 ACP XDM be available? He, of course, could not comment on it, but he did say he'd be surprised if we didn't see something "in the next summer timeframe".


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    Yep, it needs to have the frame size reduced and have smaller cap mags made for it.... The ability to carry it CCW with say a 12 or 13 round mag in .40 while having the 16 round mags on your belt would really help...
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