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Thread: What made you decide to carry?

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    I made the decision to get my CC permits back in 2004 after I was robbed in broad daylight by several bgs in New Orleans... with a cop 100 feet off and ignoring the situation...

    I refuse to be a victim anymore.

    Also, I can't run anymore b/c knee problems...
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    (I travel to those states frequently for various reasons)

  3. I carry because I can. that and the fact my job takes me all over the US. spend more time in hotels than at home. more than once it has been comforting to know if I needed it, it was there.

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    I had to get a CCW. In this weird state in order to take my pistol to the range, in an adjoining city, I had to go through the whole process.

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    I have since found out WI has open carry, but since I am in a power chair my line of defense was to raise my leg rests and turn as fast as I could in circles whacking those in my line of fire in the knees. and then rolling over them. To hard on my chair and on my nerves gun is easier.
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    I'd sooner be judged by 12, then carried by 6. OK probably 8 as heavy as I am. BUT the main reason, I want the ability to defend myself at anytime I need. I cannot rely on any other individual or government to defend me. AVG RESPONCE TIME TO 911- 10 minutes. AVG RESPONCE TIME TO MY 1911 (45ACP) 2.7 SECONDS. Your choice, your life YOU make the decision.

  7. i travel a lot by motorcycle at all hours of the day and would hate to be caught in a situation where i would have to defend myself. carrying now allows me to be more discrete in when and where i travel as well as staying far away from trouble as i can.

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    Hey Dude: NEVER underestimate what "facts" will come out should you find yourself before a jury for being involved in a "what if". You can always use phrases and words that "couch" your true intent without telling the world on the internet via this forum that you intend to "kill the *******". It may make you feel good but it is being a little reckless with your future freedom and your future fortune, regardless of what you think a state's regs or permissive nature is all about.
    good point.
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  9. My wife and I had dinner a restaurant at Trolley Square in Salt Lake City in early Feb, 2007. A few days later a nut came in that mall with a shotgun and killed five before being shot by an off-duty police officer. This opened my eyes about protecting my family. I always carry now.

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    I decided to carry for several reasons. I am a disabled vet and unable to run or even fight much anymore. I have been robbed at knife point. My home has been burgled. My neighborhood has changedfor the worse - many druggies and dealers. I have a small dog who needs to go out several times a day, even at night. Ane I'll be da**ed if I'll be afraid of any of them or let them rule my life. Situational awareness is good. Avoidance is ok. My Glock .45 is great.

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    When CCW became the law in SC, my wife and I got our permits, to some extent at least, to make a political statement and support the "movement." Now, the older I get the more vulnerable I feel and the more I carry and encourage my wife to carry.

    By avoiding risky environments and maintaining situational awareness, I really do not expect to ever have to use a firearm to defend myself, but I certainly do not ever want to regret being unarmed when I legally could have been armed.

    Based on the crime deterrent effect of the possiblity that any citizen may be armed at any time, I believe having the permit and being armed is a small contribution to our society.
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