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Thread: What made you decide to carry?

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    I'm from Australia and we lost the right to carry weapons so now that I'm living in the US I Open carry until I can get my CCW. Plus I'm the throw back in the family I'm the only one that like weapons
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    Too old to run very far and 2nd amendment says I can, don't like the permit part, also living in the country and not the city law enforcement is not always near by
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    Quote Originally Posted by hazard123 View Post
    I got too old to fight and too fat to run.
    Ha-Ha!!! Yeah, I'd say that's the correct answer. Actually, I grew up with guns. I couldn't help but be a gun guy and carry. My Grandfathers were cops, My Dad was a cop, I was a cop, my son still is a cop. My Mom and Dad were competitive shooters and hunters. Dad was also a gunsmith on the side for extra bucks. My Sister and I both shot competition over the years, and hunted. From the time we were old enough to stay at home alone, while our parents were out, we knew where the guns were, how to use them and had total respect for them. After my retirement as a LEO and an Academy Firearms Instructor, I taught CCW and NRA classes and decided to get my CCW permit also.

    So I really can't think of a time in my life when I wasn't carrying, or at least within reach of one. I guess the time I really started carrying all of the time, was when I was a Paramedic, before I became a cop. I used to carry one concealed all of the time, because of the places and situations we would have to go into. We would end up at the scene of a shooting before Police got there sometimes, not to mention that we carried drugs on the Ambulance and the local dopeheads wanted them.
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    Much like Headbanger up there,,,grew up with em,,now with my job and traveling to various states,,motel rooms ,,being on the road. And yeah I'm to old to run. And aint gonna !!
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  7. Fell in with the wrong crowd.
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    Back in 1993 at the age of 28, I realized there were too many wack jobs in the world and I wanted to carry a concealed weapon. I grew up around guns, so I took the course to get my LTC and have had my LTC ever since.

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    I live in Иєш Лєяжşєşŧăŋ, so while I've made the decision to carry, I don't have the ability to carry. Yet. A move to South Carolina is in the plans and things will most definitely be different after that, but for now... I've relinquished my Constitutional Rights in favor of remaining a Law Abiding citizen.

    But it sucks, and I hate it.
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    I decided that I needed an insurance policy. We are required to have different types of insurance that covers the other person in case we are at fault. So why not carry coverage for your family and your personal protection. And just like that other insurance, pray that it is never needed!

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    Because a cop is too heavy to carry???
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