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Thread: What made you decide to carry?

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    Similar to many others, I grew up with guns around and shooting from a very young age (young enough I don't remember the first time I squeezed a trigger), and have never lived in a house without at least one loaded firearm. My decision to buy a concealed carry permit was mostly a big FU to our current state and federal gubment, voting with my wallet as the saying goes.

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    Well,as an x cop for 4 years,x armored truck guard for 9 years,i feel naked without one.Then i was coming out to my car one nite ,I work in a bad area,A guy was pissin on my car tire,not a dog a guy,i said a few choice words he turned and had a gun in his waistband,luck he called me a few names and left,yep that did it........

  4. Wow, let me try to be concise (not!).

    I have always liked target shooting of any kind - darts, frisbee, golf, firearms, etc. Bought a target pistol when 23 ys old. But i soon become just another drone - aka sheeple. It's easy to do. Got married, raising kids, too busy.

    Then came 9-11. I was at the WTC, in my office, when the 1st plane hit. I watched dozens of people hit the ground outside my windows, from 6 floors up. Thank god, it was only 6 floors and my employer was too cheap to pay the big rents for higher floors. I walked away without a scratch, then watched the buildings crumble, live and in person. The survivor guilt was strong. Very strong. Part of the rationalization led me from - "ok, can't do anything about terrorist attacks"; to "am i doing enough to protect my family?".

    Acquired a couple rifles and shotguns, a safe. Then the Petit home invasion happened. Google it, if you don't know about it. When they burned the man's lovely wife and daughters alive, that was my turning point. That's when the lightbulb went off. Took the course, got my permit, carry everywhere and everytime it is legal now. Why? Well, you people already know why.

    I'm trying to convince my wife that what she perceives as paranoia is in fact preparation. I have no illusions that i have personally been selected for extinction (and thus am not paranoid). But i acknowledge that bad things sometimes happen, and know that i would fight to my last breath for my family (and thus am a realist). So why the heck not even the odds? The only way to counter a violent threat is with violence, unless you're McGyver. But i'm not, and this isn't TV.

    Don't we all hope to never, ever need to draw down on, let alone shoot, another human being?I certainly do. But if I ever need a pistol, I''ll need it immediately - therefore I carry.

    Plus i like snorting CLP.
    "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms ... make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants ... for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man." - Thomas Jefferson

  5. Quote Originally Posted by ClearSightTactical View Post
    There are no right or wrong answers.

    What made you choose to carry?
    I got my permit when I turned 21 because I was in college living about 30 miles from home and wanted something in the truck for the trip back and forth over those lonely country roads. I wasn't really concerned about carrying a gun all the time, I just wanted something handy if I broke down out in the boonies.

    A couple years later, I got a promotion to management at work and was responsible for doing the banking. It really didn't click in my mind until I was getting gas late one night and the guy that was pumping gas on the other side of the pumps recognized me and asked where I worked. I realized that he could have easily been some criminal that just shoved a pistol in my face and made me go to the store and empty the safe. Realizing that I was basically unarmed prey changed my mind quick, fast and in a hurry.

    A couple months later, I had someone try to follow me home from work after closing (for the first of four times). That didn't work out as planned for them because I was paying attention and after they took the 3rd turn with me (it was late at night in a residential neighborhood where you could roll the sidewalks up when the street lights came on), I took them on a scenic tour of the south side of town until I'd gained a decent lead on them. That's when I drove to Walmart, parked near the door, went inside and read a magazine. When I came out, they were gone. Ever since then, I've carried on a daily basis-even if it was in 'violation' of company policy.

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    Won my first American Legion turkey shoot at 5, got my first shotgun at age 6. That dmned pump was bigger than me. Hunted by myself the first time when I was 7. Always had guns around, always enjoyed shooting. Studiedthe martial arts for 20 years, trained with Force Recon, FBI, Secret Service, Seals, you name it. I don't care what style you studied, or how good a fighter you are, you can't take on 5 people at the exact same time.
    I work in steel construction, and most of the time the shop or worksite is not in the best part of town.
    Besides in Virginia, a CCW permit is a right, not a privilege.

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    It dawned on me that most of the bad guys had guns nowadays, and I have not intention of not being able to meet force with force.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fatjack View Post
    I'm new around here but thought this was a good thread to get my feet wet with...

    I didn't grow up around guns. I was an anti until I started doing research and learned the meaning of common sense (when I got further away from my 18th birthday). I've also developed rather libertarian political views over time. So I'm a newbie. I took a safety class and a self-defense law class, bought my first handgun last year (Springfield Xdm 9mm).

    Now I'm addicted. I've done some open carry at times too. Can't wait to get my next gun...

    very similar story here. as a teenager I used to.... oh it's hard to say.... used to think that without guns.. there would be less crime... wow that is hard to say! but around 20 or so I started figuring out that the media is full of crap. figured out on my own that gun control only hurts the law abiding. then from educating myself more I found out that what I figured out is well known among the law abiding gun lovers... and now, I am a gun lover who also loves the fact that in this country we still have the right to protect ourselves from the bad guys. and as the phrase goes, better to have it and not needed than need it and not have it.
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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    Common Sense
    "Having a gun and thinking you’re armed is like owning a piano and thinking you're a musician". ~Jeff Cooper

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    i agree to and extent in that you have to use your head more than bullets. With that said , it is better to have a gun and not need it instead of needing a gun and not having it.

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    I got my first handgun as soon as I could. I always had a long gun or a shot gun. I realized that my gun was doing me no good at home. It's kinda like the lotto you can't win if you don't play. If you get my meaning.

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