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Thread: Did you celebrate with gunfire?

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    I have been told this way of celebrating has always been part of the Hispanic culture. Apparently it has migrated north with the influx of immigrants from south of the border. I've heard that they actually put public service spots on the air in places like L.A. asking that the celebrants fire into the ground if they simply must fire their guns at midnight on New Year's Eve. That being said, I believe the greatest danger is when the firearm is pointed at a shallow angle - like 45 degrees. I'm not a ballistics expert, but I think if it were fired straight up in the air the bullet would not fall back down with tremendous force. However, I have no desire to test this theory. I always used to cringe when I'd see Sadam on his balcony firing his rifle into the air over the cheering crowds.

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  4. Quote Originally Posted by 2beararms View Post
    For, well about, ever there has been the long standing tradition of celebrating by firing weapons into the air. Over the years, here in the more urban areas it has not been unusual for someone to get hit with a falling bullet on New Years. Over the years, this practice has been more and more looked down upon by people who understand firearms ... and happily that number is growing. So my question is...


    I am not talking about the safely organized night shoots that some members were planning, just plain dangerous stuff.

    BTW: I did NOT, but I cannot say that I was not tempted, and I am fully certain that some of the noise I was hearing was gunfire ... and I live in a city area.
    Nope. I've never shot a gun into the air unless I was aiming at an aerial target. It's dangerous and irresponsible. If I wanted BOOM! and noise, I live in a state where I can buy fireworks or I can just load some BP blanks for my 10 gauge (and even those would be fired at a safe backstop, just in case).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jes View Post
    "Not unusual".... really? I don't think I have ever heard of anyone ever being hit by a falling bullet that was fired into the air. Much less injured or killed. If you have a good example I would like to read about it.

    I have heard a couple stories where houses have been hit by stray gunfire (not vertical falling bullets). The problem is if you fire into the air the bullet only falls at about 120mph unless fired at a low angle.

    Vertically Shot Bullet Landing Speed

    But, to answer your question no I don't fire into the air. I have been known to fire into the ground or at an angle that will keep the projectiles on my property.
    I remember a young girl that was killed in New Orleans several years ago buy a round that came down striking her in the top of the shoulder and traveling down, hitting a lung and her heart. Nobody knew what happened, because they never heard the shot. It was all over the News. Her Father, whom I met, said they were walking down the sidewalk, and they her a sound like a zip and a smack. She immediately collapsed and died within a few seconds. It has happned several times just in New Orleans.
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  6. Too many to list but yes people get killed and hit by falling bullets. the 'boat tailed' hunting ammo can turn and fall 'pointy end first' (not good) blunt nosed will most likely fall like, well ...a rock. Would you like to get hit by a rock at 120 MPH?

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    Before the unset of the battle of Iwo Jima,the Japanese machine gunners had manufactured crude aiming devices on their weapons. This enabled them to wait out of sight on the far side of a ridge. They fired at vertical angles, and knew with a good probability where their rounds would strike. With the aid of spotters, they inflicted a great many casualties among the US Marines invading the island.

    Firing rounds up in the air, in or near a populated area of any size is pure stupidity in the highest degree.

    If this practice is a cultural event, safety education is needed. Many of our elected officials are hesitant to criticise practices of immigrant communities that actually harm people. These are usually the same elected officals who want to over regulate, and ban firearms.

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    Blanks: Pain in the patoot to clean up after.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by NMHunter View Post
    Blanks: Pain in the patoot to clean up after.
    I've been thinking blanks too, (Duh?), not that I've ever used them. But why is cleanup such a problem? Are they dirtier than live rounds?

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    I have rang in the new year and fourth of July by shooting...... always into the ground though.

  11. I can't believe you're asking! I got an early and solid education on firearms and have never done this although I have seen others do it. The results of this practice Have been known for quite some time and I can't believe there are still people who question it. Common sense alone should tell us that it's dangerous. Even #8 shot can put an eye out on the next block.

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