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Thread: Your CCW and Ammo Preference w/regards to Self Defense

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    First choice is Kimber CDP Ultra with Speer 45ACP+P 200gr. Second choice is a Sig 239 with Winchester 40 S&W 180 gr. PDX1.

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    S&W M&P 45 auto, Federal P45HS1 230gr or Hornady 200gr TAP +P

    S&W Model 65-3 357 Mag, Federal 357B 125gr JHP.
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    At work a Glock 23 and a Glock 27. Both loaded with 135gr Corbon +P. Days off a Glock 30sf loaded with 200 gr Corbon +P. However I would prefer to have some 185gr Corbon in the Glock 30sf 45 because itís a little faster than the 200gr.

    I guess I have always been a Corbon fan. 115gr for the 9mm. 135gr for the .40. And 185gr for the 45. I like the f.p.s. it offers.

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    bursa thunder9pro ultra compact 13+1 magnatech gold 124 gr. in winter time, better penatration through heavy cloths than the D.R.T

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    Glock 23 Speer Gold Dot 180gr. JHP 13+1 with 1 or 2 extra magazines.
    Taurus 856 6 shot. 38spl with Crimson Trace grips Hornady personal protection 158gr. JHP
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    Kimber CDP 3" with Speer 230 gr Gold Dot "Short Barrel" or the 5" CDP with Standard 230 Gr Gold Dots in "Jacket Weather". My Back up is a Smith and Wesson Model 342 Airlite Titanium with Speer Gold Dot 135gr Short Barrel loads. The Gold Dot's have pretty much been proven around the country as an excellent service performer. I like the quality and consistency I've had in my guns with them.
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    Glock 33. Big power (.357 Sig) in a small package. Gold Dots for their reputation.
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    .40 S&W 180gr.JHP and .45 ACP 230gr. JHP. I have more confidence in heavier bullets.

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    Springfield XD-40 Service with 10+1 Mag of Hornady TAP JHP 155Gr ammo, with extra mag in my pocket. I keep the lighter 155gr TAP ammo, it has great expansion with less chance of pass through. Because of where I live there is always a chance there is someone in the next room.
    I would get a 45 ACP if your worried about a round over penetrating a barrier like sheet rock.The 9mm even with hollowpoint ammo did penetrate more with light 115 grain ammo.The 40 S&W 155 grain would also over penetrate.The 45 ACP in the 230 grain hollowpoint penetrated the least and found to be the best round.Your best round would be a Magsafe or Glaser frangible in that scenario.To be honest I would get the Glock 23 because it is more reliable than the Springfield XD-40.Texas DPS had many issues with the Sig 220 45 ACP 230 grain Winchester and 200 grain Winchester when the troopers were shooting through barriers car doors windshields sheet metal.However I would just use the Glock 21 45ACP for home and carry concealed a 10mm Glock 20 loaded with 135 grain Double Tap .

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    My choice is a HK USP 45 and any good quality JHP ammo same as is carried by local or state law enforcement. They have already done all the ballistic testing and you will be in good shape prosicution-wise if you need to stop a threat. You did not use too much bullet or gun in the eyes of the court or the Cops could not carry the same combo either!

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