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Thread: Your CCW and Ammo Preference w/regards to Self Defense

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    Umm... are you sure about that? I've never heard of a .357SIG round at 230 grains. If they exist, then I stand corrected. And I would like to know who make them and where I can get them.
    wasnt looking as i wrote, was meant to be g 36:) fan finger syndrome:) and 230 grain in 45 acp

    if you still want a picture just ask:)

  3. Bersa Thunder 45. Fed. Hydra-Shock, 230 gr. Bersa is an absolute joy to shoot, very little recoil and accurate right out of the box. Fed. because I want to stop what I am shooting at.

  4. My ccw is a S&W M&P 40...I use Winchester supreme elite ammunition 165 Gr Bonded PDX1 jhp. It is duty ammo for the FBI, so it should work for me.
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    S&W 642 with Hornady 125 gr XTP/JHP. Good penetration but easy recoil.

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    I carry a Taurus 24/7 Compact in 9MM, and my ammo of choice is the Winchester PDX1 JHP.

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    My EDC is my PT145 Mil Pro, my round of choice,(when I can find them) is the Federal Hydra-Shok 165 gr. JHP. My back-up gun is either my PT709SS or my TCP both loaded with Fed. Hydra-Shok JHP's also. The reason I like Hdra-Shok JHP rounds is because if I'm responsible for where my round go once it leaves my handgun I want to make sure it stays in the BG and some innocent by-stander. I'm sure there are other rounds out there that are just as good, or even better, but I have been using Federal ammunition for over 60 years, (of course that doesn't include the Hydra-Shok, needless to say) hard to change a good thing.
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    Llama Max-1 C/F .45 using Fed. Hydra-Shock 230's Been handling/firing a 1911 for over 30 years, I believe in using the largest cal. you can accurately/comfortably fire.
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  9. G20 and G29 BUG. both in CBST. Federal Hydra-shocks 180 gr.

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    Sig P220 carry .45
    Sig P229 .40
    J frame S&W 642 .38+P

    All Gold Dots

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    Was carrying a Series 70, 230gr Hydra shocks.
    Currently Walther PPKS, Glaser Blue tips.

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