Little old lady, easy target?
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Thread: Little old lady, easy target?

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    Little old lady, easy target?

    I think not! I spoke to my grandma this afternoon and she already has one of her friends ready to take the permit class with her. I guess they were talking and the gift I got her came up. My grandma's friend got all excited and mentions she has been wanting to get something for protection. She just was not sure were to start looking or that she could actually get a permit to carry it. So her friend is now signed up for the concealed carry class. I'm also going to meet up with them and go over safety, proper handling, and let her try out an assortment of handguns.

    So BG beware that sweet looking little old lady may pack more of a punch then you expect!
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    See what you started. Before long you may have every senior citizen in you county armed. Good work.
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    thats great.

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    This give a hole new meaning to THE OVER THE HILL GANG! LOL. No this is very cool. Son I know you will teach them right and steer them in the right direction.
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