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Thread: walther pps or Springfield Armory XD subcompact

  1. I had an XD9sc and got rid of it and replaced it with a Kahr CW45. Same height, same length, but thinner and lighter. Think about that, homey.
    My buddy had an XD9sc and got rid of it and replaced it with a PPS. He shot my CW9 also, but didn't like it. He loves his PPS. The PPS and Kahrs will carry better than the XD9sc. I have a good belt and good holster, but the S'field still got a little heavy after a few hrs. Ultimately, that's why both of us got rid of the S'fields. They shoot great. The Kahrs? They're a piece of cake to carry and shoot and I'd expect that the PPS is, too. If you want decent overall size and high capacity, then the S'field might be for you. 7+1 in .45, thin and light is fine with me, though.

  3. Post Walther PPS

    Of the two guns, the XD and the PPS. I just traded my XD .40 last week for a PPS .40, never really liked the XD's actually. Not really a huge fan of the "plastic" guns really but the PPS fits nice and snug and extremely concealed and a very fast draw. A much better alternative than the Ruger LCP or even the mini Taurus.

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    concealed carry

    The XD sub-compacts are dependable and accurate, the only down side is that they are a little thick for some concealed carry. The Glock sub-compacts are only slightly thinner. My first choice for carry is a Kahr PM40 or PM9 because they are thinner. All three are very good carry options. Shootability is most important for any firearm, including concealed carry. You need to be able to shoot it well and like the way it handles, then you factor in caliber, size, weight, capacity, etc. I have a freind who can make a 1911 disappear when he carries, I can't.

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    I carry the xd40 sub. That is what I prefer. It is however, wider and heavier that the walther. But carries more rounds. I checked both of them thoroughly before deciding on the xd. What it came down to is the way it feels in my hand. I carry it outside 4:00.

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    XD45 for pocket or concealed carry? C'mon, man.

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