Favourite movie guns
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Thread: Favourite movie guns

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    Favourite movie guns

    So what's your favourite movie guns?

    I love the AMT Longslide Arnie uses in The Terminator

    The Armsel Striker used by Kevin Durand in Smokin Aces

    M4A1 pulse rifle used by nearly everyone in Aliens

    The Remington 11-87 used by Javier Bardem in No Country For Old Men

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    Just anything in the the "Underworld" and Underworld Evolution" movies.

    H&K G36's, UMP's, 3 round burst Beretta 92's, H&K USP with Match weights, Whalther two tone pistols with UTL light, etc.

    Don't have pics, but those movies rocked.

    The divers sent in from the helo all had H&K G36's and UMP's outfitted with tac-lights, laser modules, Aimpoints, sound suppressors etc.

    Cool stuff.

    Also the movie "Tears of the Sun" Good weapons and pyro.
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    Magnum Research, Desert Eagles from Matrix, They never ran out of ammo.....
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    Luke Mccain's lever action rife. In the tv show, the rifeman.

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    .44 Automag like the one in Sudden Impact

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    Shiloh Sharps 1874

    Matthew Quigley's Shiloh Sharps 1874 Long Range rifle with a 34" barrel (4"s longer than a standard 30" barrel) converted to fire a .45-110 metallic cartridge with a 540 grain paper-patch bullet. It has double-set triggers, a ladder-elevated vernier peep sight, and a Globe front sight. It was marked up to twelve-hundred yards; his shoots a mite further.

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    this is a tuff one. id have to go with the 20mm cannon that bruce willis used in the movie jackal. or that one the dudes used in eraser with the rounds that went the speed of light or something. either one would be awsome.

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    The Judge that Max Payne (Mark Wahlberg) used.

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    Any gun one of the boys at the Ponderosa has, cause it fires at least 24 times without reloading.
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