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Thread: Walgreen's Discriminates Against Gun Owners

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1ofmany30 View Post
    my apologies for the mistake Ektarr.
    No problem...I was unclear.
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  3. I would boycott the store, until the corporate office resolves the situation. This is silly issue to have, I could see if it was pornography or something illegal, but pictures of guns.. someone should go check the magazine rack and see if they have any gun or hunting magazines! I'd bet money they sell toy guns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glock Fan View Post
    Before we react to the allegations, maybe we should do some investigating on our own.
    I agree before over-reacting I'd confirm whether it is a company policy or a person's Napoleon complex.

    I've gotten my hunting and CWP pictures done at Walgreens - no problems.
    Even gone in there after hunting, full camo with deer blood, all I got was "looks like you got lucky."

    I use the pharmacy a lot but will move my prescriptions if it is a company policy and let them know so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glock Fan View Post
    ... I'll email a few gun photos to Walgreen's and see if they'll print them.
    I’ll look forward to hearing the report on your homework assignment! :)
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    +1 with Ektarr on this one.

    Annoying? Very - but is it Walgreen's corporate office policy or is it New Jersey?

    I'd ride them for a response one way or the other, if only to clarify their policy. Anti-gun liberals in New Jersey shouldn't be a shock. And because they're already mentally defective, they operate daily (in New Jersey, mind you) without reason or logic or evidence to support their sadly misguided, uneducated and backward mentality. (Personally, I find their existence offensive, and ironically they also haven't been "developed.")

    Since I never go into Walgreen's in any state, my perspective means nothing. However, I'd search to qualify the policy. Is it a local anti-gun pansie, or the corporate stance?
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    Would walgreens print photos of a cop standing on a sidewalk?
    What about your guns is "offensive" that isn't offensive about a donut muncher's gun?

    I'd do just that and then take them to walgreens to print. Then when they printed the photo of the cop/armed security guard then I would raise high hell about the fact that they discriminated against my gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Running Arrow Bill View Post
    Anyone with a computer should spend a few more bucks and get a printer along with a digital camera...problem solved.
    For christ's sake, it isn't like your printing kiddie porn or anything. The gun owner wasnt doing anything illegal or wrong for them to refuse him service.

    That would be a band-aid, but not a solution. The problem at WalGreens would still exist. This particular incident is more than likely an anti-gun store manager will a little too much authority (or authority he likes to think he has).
    In the beginning, the patriot is a scarce man -- brave, hated, and scorned. But when his cause succeeds, the timid join him. For then, it costs nothing to be a patriot. -- Mark Twain

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    I think that the problem is New Jersey (hardly a surprise). I live in Arizona and I can CCW carry in Walgreen's or have any photos printed so don't take it out on Walgreen's. Walgreen's stores are a great American tradition trying to stave of the inroads of Giant chains like CVS. I buy tons of stuff at Walgreen's and I had my CCW photos printed there (just for Utah because Arizona doesn't use a photo yet).

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    New Jersey LibTard in action. If there are no pictures of firearms, then there are no firearms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcox4freedom View Post
    The manager at my local Walgreens is a veteran, CC'r and avid gunman.
    I think this was just a typical North Eastern Libtard.
    I would suspect this, as well. I don't know enough to classify Walgreens as gun "friendly", but they're certainly not outwardly anti, either. Never had a problem here in Dixie.
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