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  1. Cool lots of bullets

    Would some of you people please recommend a place where I can buy case's of ammunition for a reasonable price. I will soon be buying a 40 cal. handgun and will need some bullets to practice with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billbert View Post
    Would some of you people please recommend a place where I can buy case's of ammunition for a reasonable price. I will soon be buying a 40 cal. handgun and will need some bullets to practice with.

    I order my bullets from Montana Gold (Montana Gold Bullet, Incorporated - Kalispell, Montana). There are various sources online for loaded ammunition. Best thing to do is shop around, as finding any caliber in large quantities can be challenging.

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  4. Ammo

    Go to Geoga Arms and order the canned heat package. Is bulk ammo in military ammo cans. They have the best prices and make great stuff. Can pick from reloaded shooter stuff to new manufacture high performance +P+ Gold Dot loads. They sell in all quanitys and cals. My last order of 1000 of +P Gold Dot 40SW in 50rnd boxes were under $500.00 including shipping. That puts a box of 50 at about $20.00. That is the best you will find for new +P defence anno. Speer Gold Dot is now concidered one of the top defence bullets. This is half the price of Hydro Shocks or any of the other big name loads. With this price you can shoot these on papper too. Better to only have one load to worry about. That is my2 cents

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    You can also find the cases and primers on most sources that sell the bullets. What kind of reloading press do you have?

    I'd suggest getting some full cartridges first though if this is your first go with .40 caliber and get some practice in.
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    Cabella's sells .40 caliber reloads by the case. Very affordable, and perfect for traget practice.

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    Gun & Knife shows are a good place to pick up case lots of ammunition too.

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    I used to buy mine at Natchez (www.natchezss.com) and Cheaper Than Dirt (www.cheaperthandirt.com). Someone recommended to us to go to Midway USA down Columbia (MO) if we need anything. We went to Cabela's before Christmas and their ammo are for hunting. I can't buy a .45 at all and this sales guy over there was pushing me to buy a box 100 rnds of personal protection instead saying that it is also good for target practice. I left. I bought where I know they have it and cheap at that time -- Adventure Shooting Sports down Outer Road 40, Chesterfield, (MO).
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    I bought some bulk ammo and got it from Home - Military Shooters, LLC - Wholesale Ammuntion
    Just another place to check..

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  10. I would not do anyammo Business with Cheaper Than Dirt. When I saw them run 380 at the scalping price of $50.00. Not a good place to find good ammo prices.

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    Luckily you have chosen a caliber that is available. Everyone has 40 cal. The best bet is to look for a gun show in your area. This will save on shipping. Large quantities will cost you in the long run because of shipping. As far as Cheaper than Dirt goes I won't buy from them either. Too many bad stories lately.
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