Utah Permit Received
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Thread: Utah Permit Received

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    Utah Permit Received

    Received my Utah Permit - 45 days
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    Congratulations....another addition to CC will be good for the country. Best regards.
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    Congrats. Took my class yesterday, app going out Monday. Good to know how long the wait is. :-)

  5. I live in Wisconsin and applied for the Utah concealed carry permit a few months ago and got it back in about three weeks.

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    I applied for mine the week before Christmas. Maybe 3 more weeks???

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    I notice none of you live in Utah. Why and how can you apply for out of state permit?

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    Get the proper training and mail in the proper documents (and cash). Utah has a mail in non-resident program that many states reciprocate.

  9. There are some catches with the non-resident permit. One is that some states will not recognize an out of state persons non-resident permit. Wisconsin won't issue nor will it recognize any permit. Wisconsin residents have the right to carry in the open but that will be challenged by any police officer and could result in a fine or prosecution. I have been told that there is hope of the laws changing in favor of concealed carry but as it stands God would get hauled in for carrying a cap-gun under his robe.

  10. Hello to all. Carry Glock 19 nice weapon. AZ resident CCW. Travel 6 months most states. Just did CCW Utah and noticed little line about non resident CCW . Trying to find a link that I do not have to got through state by state to see what ones will honor a non resident CCW of Utah.

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    Non-resident permits

    Quote Originally Posted by mwd View Post
    I notice none of you live in Utah. Why and how can you apply for out of state permit?
    A number of states issues permits to non-residents and have specific processes and requirements for issuance of such a permit.The ones that get you the most states are probably Utah and Florida. New Hampshire's non-resident permit is also useful. These are useful if your resident permit from your home state does not have reciprocity with a state that you visit or your home state does not issue or is may-issue with ridiculous requirements making it nearly impossible to get a permit. When I lived in VA and had a VA resident permit, it was not recognized by Georgia which I visit frequently. Since Georgia does not issue non-resident permits, I got a non-resident permit from New Hampshire which, at the time, only cost $20 for 4 years and was recognized by GA.

    I now live in CO which has reciprocity with a good number of states. It does not have reciprocity VA, WA and a few other states. I could take another training course and get a Utah permit which would allow me to carry in several states that do not have reciprocity with CO - WA, MN, VA, WV and OH.

    Note: Some states do not recognize non-resident permits and some states do not have reciprocity with any other state.

    Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity Maps is a good resource for finding out which states have reciprocity with other states and has links to state regs and procedures for applying.

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