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    Glad to see that you have assesed my entire psyche through a few posts on the internet. It's just words on a screen.

    As to gay men, I'm sure there are manlier gay men out there than I am. This particular sales associate was not. He knew nothing about miter saws, since he told me as much. He was not qualified to be selling power tools in a hardware store. Please re-read my post, specifically, this quote:

    Quote Originally Posted by PascalFleischman
    I went to Lowes because the guy couldn't sufficiently help with the information I needed to buy a saw that best suited me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RugerP345 View Post
    It was a pretty childish prank, considering some poor shmuck who is probably making barely above minimum wage has to go behind him and turn them all back around. I mean really, what did the action acomplish other than amusing the OP? He certainly didn't project any positive image for legal, reasonable gun carriers.

    Is there a garbage collecting school? Never knew that.
    and what a "destructive" prank it was.. I mean really. the amount of time and energy that a poor worker must have spent turning a couple signs back around (if they even noticed). I'll bet they'd rather do that than clean up after some 10 year old's store prank. seriously... what was the harm done?
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